Magical Memories for Special Kids


What you should know if you are dropping someone off or you are travelling on the flight.


Meet and Greet

If you live in Vancouver (or close to the city) you will meet your group leader and other kids going on the flight about two weeks before flight day.  You will see a presentation about how your day will go, what to bring, and what to expect.  The “Meet and Greet” is a good chance to ask questions, but if you have questions in advance you can also ask your contact person.

 What To Bring

  • If you take medication, please come with a two or three day supply.
  • Adults AND CHILDREN coming on the flight must have a Canadian or US passport with them.
  • All children will change into their Dreams Uniform when they arrive at the airport. The Group Leader will provide additional caps and fanny packs.
  • Personal belongings such as electronics and toys should be left at home.
  • All adults should come dressed in their Dreams Take Flight shirt and capris, pants or shorts.  Caps will be provided.

Arrival and Parking

  • It is important that you are at the Air Canada North Hangar no later then 03:45 as there are many things that to do before we leave for California.
  • If you are accompanying a child on the flight or dropping a child off at the airport, please park in the “Visitors Parking” at the East Security Entrance (close to the MTU building. Organizers and adult escorts will be provided with a free parking decal for the West Entrance parking lot.
  • Accommodations in Vancouver (for out of town children only): please speak with your Dreams contact for more information.
  • Proceed to your Disney group name table where you will meet your group and group leader.

NOTE: The children will be dropped off at the Air Canada North Hangar (not at the terminal) and picked up there at the end of the day.  A map will be provided to you at the Meet and Greet.

Schedule At Vancouver Airport

  • Upon arrival at the Air Canada hangar at the Vancouver airport (YVR), please proceed to your Disney group name table where you will meet your group and group leader.
  • If you have medication for your child, please give it to the group leader.  
  • The children will be given their Dreams uniforms and will change into them at the hangar.  You are asked to please take the children’s personal belongings home with you as there is no place to keep them at the hangar.

At Disneyland

  • Children will be in groups of five with a group leader, an agency escort and additional chaperones. Each group will go through Magic Kingdom at their own pace.
  • Meals, snacks and drinks will be provided throughout the day. 
  • Please do not send money with your child as all of their needs will be taken care of.
  • The group will stay together at all times during the day. There will be enough time to go on several rides and get many character autographs. Think ahead about what your most favourite things to do at Disneyland will be as your group leader will want to know – and therefore plan a day for all to enjoy.
  • Your group will meet on Main Street at 6:00 pm to begin departure from Disneyland.
  • Group leaders will have cameras and there will also be photographers at Disneyland to take group and “action” photos. Your group leader will create a photo album for your memories.

Back In Vancouver

Parents can call the Dreams Take Flight Hotline  at 604-270-5437 for up to date flight arrival time (flight number AC7002) or can check online at You will pick up your children at the Air Canada hangar at the same place where you dropped them off in the morning.

Group Pictures

Every child will get a group picture to take home from the trip with more pictures to follow.  Photos will also be uploaded to our website.

This is a No Smoking Day – absolutely no tobacco products are allowed!



Check-in of children, volunteers and media at the Air Canada Hangar. All children will receive Dreams Take flight clothing to wear for the day including brightly-coloured, high visibility t-shirts.


1st bus will depart for the YVR main terminal.  Parents say good-bye at this time.  Teams with all children present will start to go through security and proceed to the gate. The entire group must clear security together. Everyone must sit in their assigned seats. Each child will receive a fanny pack stuffed with items that they can use throughout the day.


Flight departure: The plane will depart once all of the children, volunteers, media and special guests are on board and seated.

8:15 AM

Arrival at LAX: Groups will deplane together from the forward and aft doors. The groups will be met by Los Angeles-based volunteers and everyone will gather for a group picture on the tarmac, in front of the plane.


Groups board their assigned buses and leave for Disneyland.


Arrival at Disneyland: Leaders will already have tickets and the groups will board the tram to the front entrance.  Once inside the park, groups head for their group picture in front of the Castle, and then they set off for their first ride! The children will visit Disneyland in groups of five children and 4 or 5 adult chaperones. The teams will have the opportunity to take in the attractions, the rides, have lunch and get their team and individual pictures taken with a Disney character at Toontown.


5:00 PM

Time for the children to shop! The children will be given a gift card loaded with “Disney Dollars” to spend. Canada Customs does not permit the volunteers to bring back any purchased items.

6:00 PM

Each team prepares to meet on Main Street to begin departure from Disneyland. Once all groups are assembled and a head count is conducted, the teams will re-board the bus they originally came in.

6:30 PM

Pizza is picked up at bus pickup and we  leave Disneyland.

7:45 PM

Buses arrive at LAX.

8:30 PM

Flight departure for Vancouver: the children are given Mickey Mouse ears, a fleece blanket and other treats to bring home. Snacks will be served on board.


Arrival in Vancouver: when the teams return to the hangar where their families are waiting for them, each child is each given a Bentley backpack filled with memorabilia to remind them of their magical day.